In summer we fancy light dishes, with refreshing vegetables and fruits. Do you know how you can cut vegetables for your recipes? The most important thing is to have a quality knife that is suitable for the task at hand. To make it easy for you, at Casa Canut, art, decoration and homeware store, we have a wide range of knives so you can prepare food like a real chef!

They are professional knives of the Chroma France brand, made with Japanese steel and German design. They are produced in collaboration with the Porsche Type 301 brand and have an ergonomic handle.

Now that we are well equipped, we will know how we can cut the products.


Brunoise: vegetables are cut into very small dice between 1 and 3 mm. This measure is very useful to facilitate cooking, especially in stir-fries. Cut it first into thin slices and then crosswise.

Paisana: it is the same format as the previous one, but in larger dice of between 1 and 1.5 cm. Ideal for boiling, sautéing, making stews or side dishes.

Bresa or mirepoix: they are irregular dice to prepare broths or stews.

Concassé: this cut is only for the tomato. Peel it and extract the seeds, cut it into strips and then into small cubes.

Cut long

Julienne: cut the vegetable into strips 5 or 6 cm long and 2 or 3 mm wide. It is used for salads or sautéed vegetables.

Chiffonade: used for broad leaf vegetables. Fold the sheet several times and cut into thin julienne strips. When you roll it out, you will get long, narrow strips.

Canes: consists of cutting the vegetables in a rectangular shape, 5 or 6 cm long by 0.5 wide. It is typical of French fries.

Cut round

Slices or vichy: the most common are 2 mm slices, but they can be of different sizes. It is used for cylindrical vegetables such as courgette, cucumber or aubergine.

Al biaix: the same system as for the slices, but cutting al biaix. It is done to take advantage of the space in the pan and for aesthetic reasons.

Turning or chatteau: a very glamorous cut, which consists of cutting a rectangle and shaping it by trimming the edges.

Baker: it is special to cut potatoes. It is cut with a thickness of 1 cm to make them baked, fried or roasted.

We invite you to put them all into practice with different summer recipes such as salads, gazpachos, cold creams, fruit salads… If you still don’t have your knife, find it in the Casa Canut online store. Take advantage!