Sitting on the beach or in the mountains with a cold beer on a hot summer day is one of the best pleasures we can experience. If you feel identified with this statement, you are a beer lover!

From Casa Canut, a shop specializing in art and home decoration, we want you to maximize this moment even more and we present you with a truly incomparable collection of beer glasses.

The glasses of the German brand Ritzenhoff are specially designed for drinking beer. A robust yet delicate design, with incredible illustrations reminiscent of retro tattoos.

Its stylized and elongated shape is ideal for tasting beer and enjoying a delicious and fair crown of foam. The brand is an expert in designing modern glasses with distinctive decorations and has collaborated with more than 300 international artists.

Ritzenhoff is the only glass manufacturer in Europe that offers the service from design to production.

In the Casa Canut online store you will find glasses of beer to give away, in individual format or in a pack of two. You will find designs for all tastes: foxes, cycling themes, poker, wild animals…

Invite friends to a beer at home and surprise them when you serve them in these exclusive and artistic glasses. If you like art and beer, you have to have them.