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The Swarovski Crystal shines like never before at Casa Canut

At Casa Canut Art Deco Shop we offer you a host of exclusive brands of the highest order, so that you can find everything you need in the world of decoration, accessories, gifts and table [...]

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  • Royal Doulton

The distinguished Royal Doulton tableware lands at Casa Canut this summer

With the arrival of good weather, the tables are dressed in a fresher and more cheerful way, far from the corseting and etiquette of events marked in other times. Apart from tablecloths and napkins, plates [...]

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  • Toms Drag

Enjoy the unique Toms Drag collection at Casa Canut

There are people with a unique character and personality, who turn reality upside down and leave an indelible mark that lasts over time. Thomas Hoffmann, an inveterate optimist, decided to fill the darkness of such [...]

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Decorate your home with elegance and colours with Le Pupazze’s Egan collection

Casa Canut Art Deco Shop’s engine is to find the product from the world of decoration, accessories, gifts and table art that suits you like a glove. That specific element that fills your home with [...]

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  • sirenita disney romero britto

Experience the magic of Disney’s The Little Mermaid with Romero Britto

Casa Canut, a store specialised in the world of decoration, accessories, gifts and table art in Andorra, masterfully materialises the Disney universe through the original prism of the Brazilian artist Romero Britto. The end result [...]

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  • copes lolita

Enjoy the most refreshing cocktails and drinks this summer with Lolita cups and glasses

The proximity of summer, the bright evenings and weekends full of sun and good weather, reveal our desire to go out, share and have fun. At Casa Canut, a store specialising in the world of [...]

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