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Celebrate the harvest by toasting with wine

It is grape harvesting time, time to talk about wine. Did you know that the glass where you drink the wine influences its characteristics? The shape of the glass has a great impact on the [...]

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Recipe: Authentic Parisian Baguettes with Emile Henry’s Baguette Baker

Do you like to bake bread at home? With Emile Henry's Baguette Baker mold you will like it even more. It allows you to make 3 authentic and crispy homemade French style baguettes. You dare? [...]

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What type of painting fits your space?

The pictures are an indisputable element in the decoration of the walls of our house. At Casa Canut Botiga we have a wide variety of paintings of all styles so that you can find the [...]

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3 ideal mocktails for August

If you love cocktails but don't feel like drinking alcohol, mocktails are the solution! Refreshing and creative non-alcoholic cocktails for you to enjoy very special moments and in good company. At Casa Canut, an art, [...]

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Eddy Maniez Art

Eddy Maniez is a French painter, sculptor and plastic artist. His art is the fruit of a self-taught training and he has achieved worldwide recognition for his colorful and unique sculptures. If you see them, [...]

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Fill your summer with music with designer speakers

Afternoons at the pool, days with friends at the beach, picnics in the mountains ... it sounds better with music, right? Summer is more enjoyable if we accompany it with rhythm. At Casa Canut Botiga [...]

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