Call friends or family, invite them to a barbecue in your garden and enjoy a different and relaxed day. At Casa Canut, art and home decoration store, we love social events and we have everything you need so that your meeting does not lack anything.

We recommend 5 gadgets that will give a different touch to your “Summer BBQ”.

Lolita Glass by Ritzenhoff

It’s not just about what we drink, but also how we do it. The Lolita cups from the prestigious German brand Ritzenhoff are designed to fill any moment with originality. They are hand-painted glass cups with themes and designs of all kinds, there are even those that incorporate shiny details.

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Mino Speaker by Lexon

¿Una fiesta sin música? ¡Ni hablar! Sea animada o chill, la música aportará un ambiente especial a tu fiesta. El altavoz Mino de Lexon es muy pequeño pero poderoso. Cabe en la palma de la mano y te proporciona una impresionante calidad de sonido de 3W.

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Tierra Bowl by Guzzini

We have already talked about drinking and music, but… what about food? To accompany roast meat and vegetables, nothing better than a good salad. The Tierra de Guzzini bowl is perfect for serving salads or pasta at the table and adding a unique touch of design. It is made from 100% recycled plastic and reminds us of handicrafts due to its natural tones and circular shapes.

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Conservation Bowl by Emile Henry

And for dessert, fruit of the season! The Emile Henry preservation bowl is perfect for storing fresh produce. It is specially designed for this function and has been made with natural materials. It has two levels, the cork lid that serves as a fruit bowl and the ceramic base where vegetables can be stored.

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Shaker by Sambonet

The moment of after-meal arrives and we suggest you enjoy it with some refreshing cocktails. How will you make them? With the brilliant cocktail shaker from Sambonet, available in gold, silver or bronze. Become a real bartender and prepare cocktails for your guests in a spectacular way.

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