Art has great potential when it comes to expressing the corporate identity of a company and improving the work environment. Including works of art in office decor is a rising trend. Leading companies worldwide already have works of art in their offices. This is the case, for example, of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook offices, decorated with art by young creators.

Ignite the motivation and creativity of your team
Tastefully decorated design offices with art pieces provide a sense of well-being for workers. Your company will be differentiated from the competition, will gain originality and will provide benefits to your team, beyond the labor aspects. Building a pleasant space enhances creativity and motivation for projects.

Teambuilding, recruitment and retention of talent
Giving your offices a unique personality helps to unite relationships between company workers. A company that takes care of its facilities is a company that takes care of and values its human capital. It is also an advantage when it comes to attracting or retaining talent. Who wouldn’t want to work in a design office?

The anti-stress effect
Studies have shown that art and culture in the workplace help reflection, improve mood, reduce stress, and enhance concentration.

decorar art oficina

Communicate the values of the company
Decorating the office with art has many benefits for the workers, but also for the company. It’s an elegant way to communicate corporate values directly. Meeting with clients? Art in different forms (paintings, sculptures, furniture …) will help you communicate the essence of your brand.

Have you ever looked at a work of art and a feeling of well-being invaded you? This phenomenon is due to the fact that our brain releases endorphins and dopamine, improving our mood and increasing productivity and optimism. This translates into a positive energy charge, better results and a more pleasant relationship with the people around us.

From Casa Canut, a decoration store in Andorra, we encourage you to improve the aesthetics of your offices by incorporating some artistic elements. Don’t know where to start? Stroll through our catalog and ask us for advice.