Do you have dinner guests? If you want to surprise your guests, not only the menu is important, but also the decoration of the table and the attention to detail. We give you some tips so that your table looks perfect and you enjoy an excellent evening.

Choose a tableware and textiles that fit your guests
Having beautiful and good quality tableware is vital when dressing the table. Keep in mind that the style of the dishes, cutlery and textiles must be consistent with the type of guests who visit you. An informal dinner with friends is not the same as a Christmas celebration with the family… Choose a style for each occasion and you will succeed.

“Different dinners”
Surprise your guests with a different service. For example, a wok in the center of the table and minimalist bowls for each diner so they can help themselves.

A wide variety of styles
If you like variety, break the routine by changing the style of your table decoration. Do you want some ideas? Provencal style with decorative lights and elements in lavender tones, country style with colored glasses, wild flowers and rustic textiles, spring style with orange tones and bright details, tropical style with green tones and jungle prints, sailor style combining blue and white with some marine details…

How do we put the items on the table?
We recommend a simple option to place the dishes and cutlery properly without overloading the table, ideal for dining with friends.

First place a low plate, on top of it, a flat plate and finally a deep plate. On the left of the plate, put the fork, always with the tips facing up. On the right, the knife and on the outermost part, the spoon. If you are serving a meat dish and a fish dish, remember that the meat cutlery is the closest to the plate and the fish cutlery is placed right next to them.

The dessert cutlery is placed in the upper part of the plate and the glasses in the upper right part, in the following order starting at the top, red wine glass, white wine glass and water glass. If you want to serve a plate with bread, you must place it in the upper left part of the diner.

vajilla de calidad para decorar la mesa

Now you know the keys to dressing your table and enjoying a dinner in good company. We encourage you to discover our range of Table Arts, with designer crockery, glasses, cups, glasses and cutlery. At Casa Canut, a home decoration store, we help you to enjoy all your meals at home even more.