There are people with a unique character and personality, who turn reality upside down and leave an indelible mark that lasts over time. Thomas Hoffmann, an inveterate optimist, decided to fill the darkness of such a terrible event as the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11 with light with his art. His original response was to sow his world of joy with hand-painted figures for his closest friends and family. That was the starting point of a creative explosion that would last for more than a decade.

At Casa Canut Art Deco Shop in Andorra, faithful to a philosophy that seeks to have a wide and select catalogue of brands, we are committed to singular and unique collections such as Toms Drag’s. With bets like this, you will take the world of decoration, accessories, gifts and table art to another level in your home.

Toms Drag, his best-known collection

With Toms Drag Collection the fame of Thomas Hoffmann reached world levels. His peculiar designs are full of brilliants and details made from different top-quality materials. And all of it hand-painted with colours that stand out in an extraordinary way, showing an infinite palette of bright and striking tones.

His works are inspired by the artistic current of surrealism, which appeared in 1917. This creative avant-garde aims to go beyond reality, promoting the irrational and dreamlike spheres. We also find influences from the Toms Drag Collection in European and American Pop Art, combining it with a mix of elements from European, African and Asian popular culture.

After his sudden death in 2012, Thomas left behind many previously unpublished sketches and concepts that have allowed his team to continue developing them and presenting them to colour lovers from all corners of the planet.

People, animals, objects… no one escapes the ingenuity of the Toms Drag collection

We are facing limitless creativity at the service of the artist’s creative play. Any role or cliché is surprisingly modified to obtain unique works of art. Ducks, elephants, chickens, geese, rhinos, owls, toucans, crocodiles, horses, bulls, turtles, mice, cats, frogs, flamingos, elephants, giraffes, dogs, fish, seagulls, pigs and lions are reinterpreted, humanised and equipped with items as unusual as shoes, umbrellas, hats or headdresses.

There are also chandeliers, decoration tables, mirrors, furniture and multicoloured cubes in the catalogue; bowls, trays and chests of drawers with floral motifs with a predominance of pearly ones; there are even recreations of professionals such as waiters or chefs with unusual figures.

The entire world of Toms Drag is now available on the Casa Canut Art Deco Shop website or in its physical store in Andorra. All Pantone colours combined with an extremely optimistic vision.