With the arrival of good weather, the tables are dressed in a fresher and more cheerful way, far from the corseting and etiquette of events marked in other times. Apart from tablecloths and napkins, plates and other decorative elements crown the art of the table, in which Casa Canut is a true expert (as well as in the world of decoration, accessories and gifts).

Summer is fodder for the relaxation-fun pairing, which translates into casual encounters and tables decorated in the most diverse ways, dotted with eclectic styles, such as the possibilities offered by Royal Doulton – London, a firm that has just joined the Casa Canut catalogue.

Royal Doulton, a touch of class for your summer banquets

Since John Doulton -English entrepreneur and pottery manufacturer- founded the now world-famous company Royal Doulton in 1815, the goal has always been the same: to create products that are both functional and give a touch of magic and distinction during meetings with family and friends around a table (a Mediterranean tradition so deeply rooted in Spain).

Through the 4 products that we present below, within its wide range, you will create different moods at the table:

  1. Gordon Ramsey Maze blue. Set of 16 plates and bowls by the well-known Scottish chef, a symbol of tranquility, freshness and intelligence. It is a sober option and at the same time extroverted, which expresses confidence.
  2. Tumbler Green (set of 4). It combines in a very delicate way the transition between the colour, located in the bottom of the glass, and the transparency of the rest of the container. The quintessential colour of hope, in turn represents movement and ecology, which transports you towards a state of relaxation and well-being.
  3. French Press duotone (grey and white). Leave your diners speechless behaving like a true barista, offering high-quality coffee to close a meeting in style. With the combination of both tones you will recreate a safe space, full of peace and tranquility.
  4. Colours pasta bowls. With the combination of orange (enthusiasm, sensuality and optimism), yellow (happiness, wealth and abundance), purple (sophistication, elegance and mystery) and blue (elegance and purity), any situation with a happy ending is possible…

Serve your guests in style this summer with Royal Doulton. Buy all your best accessories for the table on Casa Canut website or in its Art Deco Shop in Andorra; sure you won’t regret it.