Casa Canut Art Deco Shop’s engine is to find the product from the world of decoration, accessories, gifts and table art that suits you like a glove. That specific element that fills your home with light and colour and that says a lot about your way of seeing the world. And it’s that your personality is demonstrated through the colours projected by the objects that inhabit your house, as well as their order and distribution. Although sometimes it may even seem like they are random decisions, each unit that decorates your house has a powerful reason behind it.

Within the exclusive and select group of brands that we work in Casa Canut, we are very fond of the Egan brand and, especially, of its Le Pupazze collection. This range from the Italian brand represents very original female figures, endowed with an elegant design and adorned with striking colours and floral motifs.

Elegance and colour with Le Pupazze in every corner of the house

Within the collection you can find a wide catalogue of solutions with floral motifs, which will give an air of warmth to your kitchen and to moments as special as meeting an old friend: coffee and tea cups, photo frames, sets (coffee and sugar bowl; tea towel and spoon rest; hanger and tea towel; apron, trivet and spoon rest).

If you opt for the characteristic designs of Le Pupazze, which revolve around women, you will find censers, vases, candlesticks and containers (to be used as containers or as original pots for plants or flowers).

For those who are attracted to the world of dreams, nothing better than bells, piggy banks or led lamps (in the shapes of queens and fairy tale women).

Bags, perfumes, thermal bottles, watches, neckerchiefs, fans and jewelery boxes complete the infinite world of possibilities offered by the Le Pupazze’s Egan collection to decorate your home, filling it with elegance and colour. If you need inspiration visit our website Casa Canut Art Deco Shop or come to our store in Andorra.