Are you thinking of renewing your pans or pans? Take into account your comfort and get utensils with removable handle. At Casa Canut, an art and home decoration store, we have kitchen utensils with removable handles from the best brands: Cristel, Woll Cookware…

These types of kitchen utensils will come in handy. Because? Here are 6 benefits.

1 They take up less space and allow you to tidy up better
We’ve all gone from opening a drawer and seeing a mess of pans and pans, or trying to strategically fit a frying pan and the handle won’t allow you to close the door. These problems will end with removable handle tools. They save a lot of space because you can store the handle separately and stack the disassembled pans.

2 Facilitates cleaning
Cleaning pans or pans with handles is always more difficult because inaccessible corners are created. With a kitchen faucet with a removable handle, it will be as easy as cleaning a dish. In addition, it will dry much better because the water will not be trapped between the components.

3 They fit better in the dishwasher
Although we recommend washing pans and pots by hand, with hot water, soap and a soft sponge, if you want to wash them in the dishwasher, they will fit you very well and save space.

4 You can use the pans or pans as plates and even put them in the oven
The handles of pans, pots or pans, prevent them from being put in the oven because they are made of materials that cannot withstand high temperatures. Cooking with the same pan in the oven is very practical and with the possibility of disassembling the handle, you will make it possible. When you want to take it out of the oven, put the handle on it so you can handle it without burning yourself.

5 Do you need a frying pan, casserole, or cake pan?
With a frying pan with removable handle you have it all. Just disassemble it to use the utensil as you see fit. This way you will not need to have so many utensils and you will save space in your kitchen.

6 Serve the food freshly cooked
Have you ever cooked a spectacular dish and when it was placed on the tray everything was disassembled? What frustration, right? With the pans and pans with removable handle, you can present your freshly made recipes to the table.

If with all these advantages, you can’t wait to have your kitchen utensils with a detachable handle, visit us in Andorra at Casa Canut Botiga or order the products in our online store.