The German artist Tom Hoffmann was born in 1956 and died unexpectedly in 2012. In 1988 he founded Tom’s Company together with Arno Müller, who has remained in charge of the brand with his team.

The colorful history of Toms Drag began, curiously, with a catastrophe. After the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, the world suffered a great collective shock. Tom Hoffmann wanted to turn it around and offer creations loaded with optimism and joy. So he started creating hand-painted “drags” figures and gifted them to his friends and family.

The new collection was widely accepted and its popularity spread throughout the world. Since Tom Hoffman’s death, Arno Müller and his team have distributed Toms Drag, a collection of designer objects and accessories.

We can define Thomas Hoffman as an eccentric optimistic, creative, enthusiastic and authentic artist. In 1985 he held the first exhibition of him, with statuettes created with different materials. Shortly after, he created his own company with his partner Arno Müller where they developed interior objects combining styles such as cottage, colonial, contemporary, wrought iron, Asian…

Toms Drag Collection is the most renowned collection and the one that brought world fame. Their designs are very interesting and peculiar, full of brilliants and details of different materials. The works are created by artists using the highest quality materials and hand painted in bright and eye-catching colors. We find influences of European and American pop art with ornamentation of European, African and Asian popular culture. The result: an original frenzy of colors and joys!

Despite his death, Tom left many unpublished sketches and concepts that his team continues to present to us today.

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