All art and decoration lovers know that colors can convey many emotions and transform our mood. Colors can bring us many benefits and adding touches of color to your home decoration will fill it with life and creativity.

1 The power of colors
Be it painting the walls or adding art and decoration objects, the color of your house can provide you with well-being, tranquility, vitality … Feng Shui exposes different properties for each color. Do you want to discover them? We list them for you.

Red: vitality, energy and reduction of fatigue.
Dark blue: security and confidence.
Green: serenity and balance.
Light blue: tranquility, prevents depression and produces calm.
Black: transform negative energies.
Gray: serenity, elegance, security and protection.
Rosa: relaxation and positivism.
Lilac: inspiration and concentration.
Yellow: raises self-esteem.
Brown: comfort, safety and stability.

2 Colorful designer furniture
Home decoration offers us many possibilities to add color, even in furniture! A designer armchair or a colorful sofa will give your living room a unique personality. You dare?

designer sofa pink

3 Decorate with pictures
Different studies, such as the one carried out by Robert Gifford, professor of psychology at the School of Environmental Studies of the University of Victoria (Canada), highlight the importance of interactions with space and how they affect people’s behavior and mental health .

Decorating the walls of the house with pictures, fill the home with positive and pleasant feelings. It is a great way to show our personality and to be welcoming. The different formats and styles allow us total flexibility when decorating, achieving balance or putting a color accent in a prominent place.

4 Includes color and figure art
Art also has its space in your home. Give a unique touch to the corner of your choice with figures from Romero Britto, Juliani Mo, Toms Drag, Guillermo Forchino … Their varied styles will allow you to find the decorative element that best suits you and the space where you want to place it: on a table, a shelf, in the hall … Art allows you to turn your home into a unique, original space with an incomparable personality.

figure toms drag

5 Don’t forget the colors on the table
For lovers of colors and decoration, any excuse is good to design an attractive and surprising scene. One of these moments could be to set the table. Serve dinner on a designer tableware, combine colors to create a theme or give a concept to the food, use golden cutlery, toast with different glasses… These are details that will create a very pleasant and special atmosphere.

6 Surprise your guests
Have you ever visited a boring and monotonous home? You sure do not want your home to give off these feelings. As Dorothy Draper used to say, “In decoration, always place a controversial piece. It will give your guests a topic of conversation”.

An umbrella stand in the shape of a boot, a mirror with gold details, a designer side table, a figure of Juliani Mo… At Casa Canut, an art and decoration store in Andorra, we help you find the decoration element that will make everyone fall in love.