Special days are coming and, although this year will be a little different, we deserve to enjoy ourselves with the same enthusiasm. From Casa Canut, an art and home decoration store in Andorra, we also want to accompany you during the Christmas holidays. We propose three simple and original recipes that will turn your table into a piece of art.

recepta canapés de salmó

Salmon crackers with cream cheese and caviar crown
Preparing these delicious canapes will only take you a few minutes and the result is spectacular! As a base, use a salty cracker. The most suitable are round, square or hexagonal. On top of this, gracefully add some smoked salmon. For the crown, serve yourself with a pastry bag filled with cream cheese and carefully place a pinch of caviar on top.

Presentation tip: highlight the colors of this creation by serving the canapes on a transparent tray, like this one from Guzzini Tiffany.

receta canapés queso y calabacín

Tofu baskets with zucchini and feta cheese
A starter that impresses with its presentation and originality! First, prepare the baskets. You can do it with the help of a muffin tin or you can also get some cups for puddings. Spread the mold with a little butter and delicately place the filo dough. If you prefer them to be thicker, you can use puff pastry.

At the base of the basket, add a little cheese. We recommend feta, goat or brie cheese, depending on the intensity you want to give it. Reserve it and heat the oven to 180º while you prepare the tofu.

Cut the tofu to about 1.5 cm thick and heat the olive oil in the Nowo Titanium Norbert Woll frying pan. Put the tofu chunks until golden brown on both sides, turning very carefully.

Then put one in each basket, on top of the cheese, and also introduce a very thin sheet of rolled zucchini. Season it all with a splash of soy sauce and you are ready to bake it for a few minutes. So you see that the filo dough has a golden hue, take it out of the oven. Let it rest for a minute and serve with a little sesame and a touch of parsley.

receta canapé de frutas

Sweet canapé of fruit universe

Some very simple desserts to make, ideal to prepare with the little ones at home! We will assemble the universe of fruits on some butter cookies. Choose ones that are smooth so that it is easier for you to put the fruits.

Before continuing, prepare the butter. Use the mixer to beat two egg whites and 50 grams of sugar. When it is consistent, add 50 more grams of sugar and continue beating until it has the right texture. You will know this because when you lift the mixer, you will see that the dough will hang from the rods. With a piping bag, make small mounds on top of the cookie. If you prefer, you can also use cream instead of meringue.

You are almost ready! You should only add the fruits that you like the most, whole if they are small or cut if they are large pieces. Some chocolate pearls look great too!

Presentation tip: serve them on a tray with Christmas motifs like this one from the Toy’s Fantasy collection by the Villeroy & Boch brand.

We hope you liked our gastronomic proposals. Happy Holidays to all!