A rug adds style and warmth to your home. The great diversity of designs and colors allows you to give a different touch to any space and redecorate it according to the season.

At Casa Canut, a home art and decoration store in Andorra, we advise you when choosing your rug and we also help you take care of it. Pay attention to these maintenance tips and enjoy a quality carpet in perfect condition for a long time.

Kleen Tex Wash & Dry Rugs

For your comfort, we have Kleen Tex Wash & Dry rugs, perfect for cleaning at home.
– Put it in the washing machine at a maximum of 60º C. At Casa Canut we recommend washing them at 40º C.
– Once the wash is finished, dry the rubber and it will be impeccable to replace.
– The carpet remains in perfect condition and does not suffer any deformation!

alfombras kleen tex

Tips for other types of carpet
Daily cleaning:

– Vacuum your rugs at least twice a week. If you prevent dust and dirt from accumulating, it will be much easier to clean.
– At the time of aspiration, do it in different directions and apply more than one pass. For hand-knotted rugs, it is advisable to vacuum in the same direction as the pile.
– For excellent care, contact a professional carpet cleaning company once a year.

How to remove a stain from a carpet?

– Don’t let the stain dry or it will be much more difficult to remove.
– If something has spilled on you, remove the solids and dry the liquid with a damp white cloth and a small amount of mild soap.
– Do not use chemicals if you are not sure that they are suitable for your type of carpet.
– Clean with great care and gentle movements to avoid damaging the fibers of the carpet.
– Start scrubbing from the outside of the stain and working your way inside. Do this by tapping it lightly with warm water.
– If the stain has dried, brush it gently to remove as much of it as possible. Above all, do not use brushes with metal spikes.
– If you can’t remove the stain with this procedure, contact a professional carpet cleaner.

At Casa Canut, we offer you a wide range of rugs so that you can find the one that best suits your home. Visit us in the Andorran store or buy online by clicking here.