Having a quality battery is a must for any lover of good cuisine. At Casa Canut, a home decoration store in Andorra, we offer you a wide range of the best brands in kitchen items. Woll Cookware is one of our flagship brands. They are German-made pots and pans with a super non-stick coating and titanium or diamond finishes. Suitable for all types of heat sources: gas, induction, ceramic hob and oven. In addition, the removable handle is very practical when it comes to storing or cleaning utensils and allows you to use them as a baking tray.

If you cook with these excellent quality products, we recommend that you follow these tips for use and maintenance.

– Woll pots and pans are designed to distribute and store heat efficiently. This contributes to energy savings.
– The base of the utensil must be suitable for the cooktop. Oversized cookers consume unnecessary energy. If you use a gas hob, the diameter of the flame should never be greater than the diameter of the base of the Woll product.
– The pot must be adequate for the content you want to put. Ideally, it should occupy 2/3.

– When empty, WOLL professional cast products reach a temperature of up to 300ºC in just three minutes when the maximum temperature is used. Reduce the heat in time for healthy and tasty cooking results.
– If the temperature is too high, cooking oils and fats can burn very quickly and also leave so-called tar resins on the surface of the pan, which in some circumstances cannot be removed and will impair the non-stick properties.
– When frying lean meat, WOLL professional cast iron products should be heated for approx. 2 and a half minutes at full power.
woll cookware
– WOLL professional casting products are robust and resistant. They are super non-stick with titanium or diamond finishes and suitable for all types of heat sources.
– The patented hard base coating makes the frying surface extremely resistant to cutting and abrasion.
– If small scratch marks appear on the surface, the product can still be used without worry and without affecting its cooking and frying properties or health.

– The Woll coating is highly resistant and allows the use of all kitchen utensils: wood, plastic or metal.
– We recommend the Woll silicone utensils, which are highly resistant to heat, easy to clean and hygienic.

– Cleaning Woll products is very simple and practical. All you need is hot water and a little detergent.
– All of Woll’s professional cast iron products are also dishwasher proof.

– Always lift Woll products when moving them.
– If there are dirt particles or other elements between the base and the surface, they could get scratches on the base of the pan or the glass ceramic.
woll cookware
– WOLL professional cast iron products are also suitable for induction cooking.
– Induction hobs are typically equipped with magnetic field sensors around the edge, which detect whether pots and pans are suitable for induction. Therefore, the diameter of the cooking zone should correspond to the measurement of the kitchen base.
– To avoid damaging the induction hob, always lift WOLL professional cast products when moving them.

– For WOLL professional pit products with molded handles (cast iron), you should always use an oven mitt, as due to their good thermal conductivity, they get hot.
– The fixed handles, side handles and lid knobs are oven resistant up to 250ºC (Logic series: Fixed lid handles and knobs up to 220ºC) and are heated in the oven. Use oven mitts.
– The removable handles on WOLL Professional Cast Products are not oven resistant. If you want to use the WOLL professional casting product in the oven, you must first remove the removable handle.

Cooking with Woll products is a real pleasure. Visit us at Av. Carlemany, 107, AD700 Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra or buy from home in our online store.