Carpets in the kitchen are an upward trend. They are used for much more than an aesthetic reason, they improve your safety, keep the kitchen cleaner and protect the floor. The shops specializing in home decor have carpets designed especially for the kitchen, durable and very easy to clean.

We explain the advantages of putting a rug in the kitchen!

Avoid slips
We have all suffered some slippage in the kitchen. It is an area where products, liquids, splashes can fall while cooking or washing dishes … Placing a rug near the sink or stove will absorb water, oil or grease that may fall and prevent it from slipping.

Protects the floor
The kitchen floor is one of the most worn in our homes. As much by the splashes or elements that fall to the ground as by our feet circulating around the space. By laying a rug, you will protect the floor even from delicate materials such as wood.


Catch the dirt

A kitchen rug prevents splashing and spreading throughout the kitchen or throughout the house. In addition, if you put one right on the kitchen door, you will prevent the dirt from outside from entering and that that can occur in the kitchen from spreading to other spaces.

It delimits the space
In large kitchens that bring together spaces with different functions (cooking, dining table, laundry …) the carpets are perfect to visually separate the space. At Casa Canut Botiga, you have them available in different formats so you can find the one that suits you best.

Add warmth and style to your kitchen
Your kitchen does not have to be a cold space and without decoration. Carpets specially designed for kitchens offer you a wide range of designs and themes to fill every corner with color and creativity. Choose your favorite design and get inspired to cook delicious creations.

At Casa Canut, a store specializing in art and home decor, we offer you the exceptional Kleen Tex Wash & Dry rugs, ideal for the kitchen and suitable for the washing machine.