It is grape harvesting time, time to talk about wine. Did you know that the glass where you drink the wine influences its characteristics? The shape of the glass has a great impact on the aromatic expression of the wine.

The Austrian glass manufacturer Riedel is a great reference in the world of glasses. Is constantly looking for new shapes to his glasses for each variety or style of wine.

In 1950 Claus J. Riedel realized that the shape and size of the container where he drank the wine changed the perception of the drink. Since then, he has developed a set of glasses that bring balance and harmony to certain varieties of wine.

At Casa Canut Botiga we are authentic Wine Lovers and we want you to taste your wines with all their nuances. For this reason, we have Riedel glasses that will delight every wine lover.

These glasses are designed with three variables in mind: shape, size, and rim diameter. They are design pieces that have been manufactured after a meticulous study to achieve a balance of bouquet, texture, aroma and flavor. A true sensory experience.

Another brand that has risen as a world leader in glassware is Schott Zwiesel, used by many renowned sommeliers and chefs. Timeless designs, latest trends and shapes that communicate the best properties of wines.

A distinguishing feature of this brand is that most of its collections contain Tritan glass, a glass that is highly resistant to breakage and dishwasher safe.

Schott Zwiesel glasses are of such high quality that they have been selected by the Hotel Adlon in Berlin or the Hotel Palace in Tokyo. Do you want them in your house? You will find them at Casa Canut Botiga, your art and decoration store in Andorra.

Now that you know the manufacturers of high-quality wine glasses, let’s review how each characteristic of the glass affects wine tasting.

A thin and transparent glass allows us a clearer and sharper view of the color of the wine to be able to appreciate it. It is also important that you have a good foot, so that you can hold the glass well and not heat it or make it dirty.

The size of the glass is essential and influences the intensity and quality of the aromas. The shape is designed taking into account the enhancement of the virtues of the wine. Therefore, each variety will need a different design. Finally, the diameter of the rim of the glass determines the position of the ingestion of the wine and transfers it to different points of the mouth.

At Casa Canut Botiga, we have a wide and varied range of glasses for wines of all varieties. Discover Riedel and Schott Zwiesel glasses in our online store by clicking here. And if you prefer, come to our physical store at Av. Carlemany, 107, Escaldes-Engordany, in Andorra. We will wait for you!