Cooking is an art and, to enjoy the most, you need the best cookware and materials. Cristel offers you professional quality kitchen utensils. It’s the leading French manufacturer of cookware with removable handles and has a range of utensils made of stainless steel and guaranteed for life. At Casa Canut Botiga, Av. Carlemany 107 or you will find the best Cristel pots.

1 High quality stainless steel

These are high-quality stainless steel utensils that enhance the art of cooking because they are non-stick, cook food evenly, and avoid the “boiled” effect.

2 Endorsed by prestigious chefs

Cooking with Cristel pots and pans and ensures that the food retains its original flavor and texture. That’s why prestigious chefs like Raymond Blanc use them on a daily basis and guarantee their quality.

3 Sustainable products

They are products made in an ecological way and 100% recyclable.

4 Suitable for dishwasher, oven and all kinds of kitchen

They are designed to make your life easier in the kitchen. They are suitable for dishwashers, baking and all types of cooking, even induction hobs.

5 With removable handle

Some of the Cristel kitchen utensils have removable handles for easy cleaning or baking.

6 A range of products

The Cristel collections put at your disposal all the utensils you need to create your best recipes: casseroles, pots, pans, saucepans, woks …

The Castelline collection, available at Casa Canut

Elegance, functionality and uniqueness define this Cristel collection. Pots and other kitchen utensils that combine a sober design with a professional quality. They have a multilayered base of five layers of metal with complementary properties that distribute the heat in an excellent way. The result is a soft, economical and tasty cooking.

Thick base of diffusion and accumulation of heat:

  • Exceptional thermal efficiency
  • Uniform heat distribution throughout the product
  • Allows cooking without water or grease
  • Maintain temperature while serving
  • Wide and effective opening

Ready to cook like a real chef? At Casa Canut we equip you so that you can enjoy cooking!