How eager to invite friends and enjoy a good evening on the terrace or in the garden at home! You deserve to sit outside, surrounded by good company and savor a good feast. Decoration is essential to create an exquisite atmosphere. At Casa Canut Botiga we have everything to make your table look perfect. What style do you prefer?

Rustic and tropical

As if you just landed on an island in Polynesia! It combines natural tones, wood and wicker with some details of exotic vegetation and pops of color in the dishes. Everyone is sure to love it.

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Magical summer night

If you plan to enjoy your outdoor space at night, lighting is essential. To create a world of fantasy and magic, we propose luminous garlands suspended by a pergola. Also other points of light such as candles or lamps. On the table, a tablecloth of light colors or an ecru color. We tell you a secret … use a natural fiber underplate and see how the dishes stand out on the table. The final touch… plants and flowers!

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Sweet and spring

Ideal for snacks or tea time! The ecru color, pastel tones and wicker will dress up your table. Delicately choose the napkins to match the aesthetic and place a centerpiece with flowers in the same shades. Here, even the food adds style to the decor. Present the dishes taking into account the color and arrangement of the food. Delicious!

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Maritime style

White and blue … obvious! But also wood and hints of vegetation. Escape the typical sailor stripes pattern and use these colors related to the nautical world in a more innovative way.

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Elegant sophistication

The most sophisticated and formal events can also take place on the terrace. Gray, white and bronze are ideal colors to achieve this effect. Choose quality tableware, large candles to create an intimate and delicate atmosphere and textiles to add comfort.

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And you, do you have the terrace ready? At Casa Canut we help you find the art and decoration items that best fit your space. We have a wide range of Table Arts proposals for you to achieve a spectacular result. Visit us at Av. Carlemany, 107, in Andorra or visit our online store.