Feeling good at home is not just a matter of comfort. The decoration, the colors and the lighting also contribute to our greater well-being in our home. Art and design, in their different forms, give us positive emotions and feelings that make us feel good when we walk through the front door. In addition, they help us create an environment with a unique personality.

At Casa Canut, art and decoration shop in Andorra, we explain some ideas to introduce art and design into your home. Which one suits you best?

Combine your decoration with unique pieces of art

Nordic, classic, glam furniture… Art can be combined with any type of decoration. Art is infinite and you are sure to find the ideal piece for your space.

At Casa Canut Botiga, we have pieces of art by different artists. Julianin Mo for the most modern and minimalists, Tom’s Drag for the eclectics, Romero Britto for the colorists… Visit us or discover our online store casacanutbotiga.com and browse through a wide variety of art pieces.

A piece of furniture can also be art

Who says that adding art at home is placing figures or paintings? Tables, mirrors, chairs, drawers … Artists also design furniture so that you can enjoy their style in other formats.

A colorful and extreme mirror in the hall, a coffee table where you can have coffee and surprise your guests, an iconic armchair … At home, art is not just to behold. Put it to use!

Art or design?

The eternal question! When it comes to the decoration and personality of your home, both concepts merge. Designer furniture is the ideal option to make your home a unique and incomparable refuge.

Dress each room with style, incorporating chairs with a groundbreaking design, a sofa that will become the protagonist or even an umbrella stand with a special aesthetic. Every detail counts!

Design lamps also illuminate when they are off

Lighting is another aspect of our home that can become art and improve the aesthetics of the space. Place a floor lamp next to the sofa, renew the light on the bedroom table, decide on a groundbreaking ceiling lamp… The options are limitless.

Captivating technology

Household appliances or technological devices also offer you an aesthetic element, apart from the functionalities for which they have been designed. This is a great advantage because you can take advantage of it to give a different touch in your home through functional appliances.

How to do it? Kitchen utensils with a retro or minimalist aesthetic, designer speakers…

As you can see, there are many ways to include art and design in your home. Experiment and discover what you can improve at home. Need help? Contact Casa Canut Botiga, experts in art and home decoration in Andorra.