At the table, not only the food is important, but also the presentation. Quality dishes with personality will make the difference. At Casa Canut Botiga we have a wide variety of tableware made of all materials, but today we want to tell you for what occasions porcelain tableware is suitable.

Porcelain tableware is one of the most precious among those made with ceramic material. Therefore, it is a fantastic choice for big occasions: special appointments, Christmas, anniversaries, formal meals…

If you want to check if a porcelain plate is of good quality, put a hand behind it and placing it in front of the light, you should see the shadow of your hand.

This material has been used since ancient times, but today it has been reinvented to offer you modern and avant-garde designs. Without a doubt, you will surprise at the table!

platos porcelana

5 advantages of porcelain tableware


Porcelain is made with stones and minerals, which gives it a unique resistance against blows, scratches and fragmentation.


A quality porcelain tableware will last you many and many years without having to suffer from wear or loss of properties.

Keep the temperature

One of the properties of porcelain is that, whether it is hot or cold, it preserves the temperature of the food.

Very hygienic

During its manufacturing process, it is vitrified. This means that it does not absorb odors or flavors and that no residue can accumulate.

Dishwasher and microwave safe

It is a material that resists high temperatures. Therefore, you should not suffer when you put hot food or put it in the dishwasher or in the microwave.

platos porcelana royal doulton

Do you want to incorporate porcelain tableware in your kitchen? We wait for you at Casa Canut Botiga, Av. Carlemany, 107, Escaldes Engordany. And if you want to buy from home, discover the “Table Arts” section of our online store.