“You have a unique and unmistakable style. You fall in love with anything that fits the word “eclectic.” You want to surprise everyone who visits your house.” If you feel identified with these affirmations, these ideas are especially for you.

Ethan Chloe‘s decorations and furniture are true geniuses that can turn any space into an original place with a lot of personality. At Casa Canut Botiga it has left us fascinated and we propose 5 decorations to inspire you. Do you want to get some Ethan Chloe creation? Visit us at Av. Carlemany, 107 or at our online store casacanutbotiga.com

Ethnic and exotic

Ideal for lovers of adventures and travel. This living room composition tells stories at all hours. An atmosphere of warmth, while wild and bohemian.

Sophisticated elegance

This combination of indigo blue with flashes of gold fuses elegance with a touch of glamour. It evokes those nights of partying and entertainment in the 1920s.

Asian calm and balance

An exquisitely balanced composition. Asian details complete this scene that conveys tranquility, calm and order. The colors and the space oxygenate the room.

Urban sobriety

A room worthy of the best penthouses in New York. A game of contrasts between raw and dark colors, punctual lighting through floor lamps and candles and a minimalist distribution that clears the mind.

Island airs

In good weather, nothing better than an outdoor lounge. This converted terrace exudes sensations of vacations, beach, surf and paradisiacal islands. Natural colors are combined with native materials.


What is your favorite stay? Dare to create an original and unique composition in your home. At Casa Canut, art and home decoration shop in Andorra, we help you to achieve it.