The industrial style is fashionable and seems innovative, but did you know that it has more than 60 years of history? It is a timeless type of decoration that appeared in the mid-20th century in loft-type homes in New York. These spaces were abandoned factories or warehouses and transformed into homes to live in.

The materials used in industrial style decoration are related to buildings and factories and it is common to find concrete, iron, leather or untreated wood. The industrial style is also based on the reuse of objects to give them another use. Recycling and reinventing is the key!

Rustic wood tables with iron elements, cabinets that remind us of those used in workshops, wooden boxes, retro chairs… and even lamps created with different elements.

At Casa Canut Botiga, deco-shop in Andorra, we want to help you decorate your home in the style you like best. We recommend a selection of industrial-style lamps that will give a unique touch to your home.


Telephone lamp

Do you remember the desk phones where you had to turn a wheel to dial the number one by one? They will surely bring back very good memories. Now you can include it in the decoration of your house with this original lamp. The handset includes two light bulbs and is ideal for a nightstand or end table.

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Oil lamp

This lamp will delight all lovers of the engine and the steampunk style. A light that combines a fuel canister with a retro motorcycle headlight.

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Wheel lamp

A piece worthy of a museum. Ideal for those who love old bikes or motorcycles, it is full of details! The base is formed by a gear, from which an ancient wheel rises. Another mechanical part serves to link this wheel with the headlight.

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Bonus: the elegant Casablanca lamp

Are you looking for a lamp that combines with the industrial style, but at the same time adds a touch of elegance? The Casablanca lamp is what you need. A minimalist and sober design that will arouse everyone’s interest due to its thread of light on a purely black environment.

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At Casa Canut Botiga, deco-shop in Andorra, you will find items for all styles of decoration. If you are especially interested in the industrial style, we also have other items such as watches and furniture. Come take a look or enter our online decoration store.