Although we have not even consumed half of the calendar yet, the trends in the world of decoration for 2023 have already been presented. Among all of them, 5 stand out that can be expressed, giving a touch of color and distinction to your home, thanks to Casa Canut, a shop specializing in the world of decoration, accessories, gifts and tableware in Andorra.

Combination of aesthetics and functionality

Ornamental pieces devoid of extra use have been relegated to a secondary role in today’s homes. In them, colors, earthy textures and light stand out. A Mediterranean air that will fill the room where the Boule White is located (functionality combined with an iconic design). This set consists of two bowls, two shallow dishes and two universal plates, as well as a serving plate.

The classic never goes out of style

There are elements that remain valid over the years. Very present, especially during the winter months, rugs are a visual attraction in homes around the world. Curvilinear and geometric motifs were already used by the nomadic tribes of Central Asia, about a thousand years ago. In this way, the Odin interior rug will be a link between the past and present of the world of tapestries.

The kitchen as the epicenter of the house

A culture that revolves around a tablecloth, always takes care of the sanctuary in which food is cooked and prepared. During the next season, elements with colors and shapes that transmit strength and energy will stand out, as is the case of the oil can and the Artisan Baker by Emile Henry, covered in a stunning red.

Fusion of craftsmanship and design

The union of these two worlds, in which antiquity and modernity collide harmoniously, is perfectly expressed in the Big Apple (porcelain figure on a black wooden base) by the painter, sculptor and serigrapher Romero Britto. The carioca artist combines elements of cubism, pop art and graffiti in his works. The final result is works of vibrant colors and daring patterns whose objective is to show the most hopeful, happy and beautiful side of reality.

Welcome to slow mode

After the daily hustle and bustle, there is the private oasis where everything slows down to give way to a scene of inner peace, in which rounded shapes stand out. Special moments to enjoy relaxed -alone or accompanied- by a good white wine, with the Villeroy & Boch glass.

Whenever you want to have your home decoration up to date, at Casa Canut we will advise you as specialists in the world of decoration, accessories, gifts and table art in Andorra.