Tea time is a special time that allows us to disconnect and relax. To turn this ritual into a truly elegant experience, Wedgwood tea utensils are the perfect choice. Find the new collections at Casa Canut Botiga, your art-deco shop in Andorra.

Tradition and elegance

Wedgwood tea utensils are known for their tradition and elegance. Founded in 1759, this iconic British brand has maintained its commitment to high-quality craftsmanship throughout the centuries. Each piece is carefully designed to combine classic sophistication with modern functionality.

Fine porcelain and exquisite details

Fine bone china is the cornerstone of Wedgwood cookware. Each cup, saucer and teapot reflects the meticulous craftsmanship for which the brand is famous. Exquisite details, from intricate patterns to ergonomic handles, elevate the tea drinking experience to a whole new level.

Versatile collections

Wedgwood offers a wide range of collections to suit all tastes. From the classic and timeless “Wild Strawberry” to the modern “Wonderlust,” each collection has its unique charm. Whether you prefer a more traditional or contemporary style, you will find the perfect collection to enhance your tea time.

Sensory experience

Enjoying tea time with Wedgwood utensils is more than just having a hot drink. It is a sensory experience that involves sight, touch and, of course, taste. The beauty of the pieces on your table enhances the presentation of your tea, making each sip even more rewarding.

In conclusion, by choosing Wedgwood tea utensils, you are investing in more than just kitchen accessories. You are incorporating tradition, elegance and craftsmanship into every moment of your tea time. So, make your next tea break a truly delightful experience with Wedgwood utensils.


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