With the arrival of summer, the season of end-of-year meetings begins, casual encounters with friends, celebrations marked in highlighter and red such as the festival of San Juan and its unforgettable festivals.

If you are one of those who love to wear an apron and delight diners, at Casa Canut (a shop specializing in the world of decoration, accessories, gifts and tableware in Andorra) we have five gadgets that will They will make it very easy. So you will only have to focus on gastronomy and worry about enhancing your most creative side:

Cristel handles Castelline Collection

Dress your pots, pans and saucepans with handles and handles in the funniest colors: cassis (purple), raspberry and orange. There is also room, within this collection of accessories, for more sober and traditional colors such as gray or black. If you want to give it a touch of class, you can always opt for a steel handle or a wooden handle.

Emile Henry Conservation Bowl

Light fruit and vegetable salads, one of the queens of the tables during the summer, have their best ally in the tall ceramic and cork conservation bowl. When you serve this succulent first course, it will be as fresh as if you picked it up ten minutes ago from your urban garden.

Chroma France Fork

If you have prepared a succulent barbecue, surprise your guests with this fork that prevents slipping while cutting. It is a perfect combination of quality Japanese steel and FA Porsche design. Its stainless steel handle is extremely ergonomic. With this gadget you will take meat to another level.

Emile Henry baguette mold

If you love to take care of even the smallest detail and even take care of making the bread, don’t forget to have the ceramic mold in your team to make 3 baguettes. Its bright red will be an aesthetic counterpoint so that it stands out among the utensils you use for cooking.

Miranda Kerr Royal Albert Three Tier Cake Stand

It gives a kitsch touch, with a spectacular and memorable ending, based on small sweet bites. Even if you are passionate about the possibilities offered by the world of cupcakes, this is your accessory. Its colorful, unique and timeless touch will make your friends never forget it. Be careful, they will ask you to take it to your next social act…

With these unique gadgets from Casa Canut you will be the king of the table this summer.