The preparation of the table has a sophisticated protocol behind it, but the personal touch of each host is what ends up making the difference between the diners of the most important and lavish meals of the year. At Casa Canut, we are aware that setting the table is an art, where high-quality products and careful design come into play, such as the five that we present below.

The elegance of Villeroy & Boch tableware

The dishes, which will contain culinary delicacies prepared with all the heart and a lot of passion, are one of the key elements when dressing the table. Nothing can be bought with the sophisticated and innovative style of an expert who has worked with ceramics since 1748. Be it through geometric bets, such as plain or more colorful options, the Christmas stuffed turkey, the “galet soup”, the cannelloni and seafood will look splendid in these dishes.

Riedel glasses, modern and functional glassware

Closely linked to the world of wine for more than two and a half centuries, glassware – originally from the Bohemian region – can never be missing from the table. The possibilities are many: cava, aperitifs, wine, gin and tonic, water… There is a suitable option for each drink, which will fill the meals with sobriety and class during the next Christmas holidays.

Add a touch of color with the Sambonet cutlery

Quality can never be at odds with a current design; as is the case with these sets of knives, forks and spoons finished in bright pink, champagne or opaque gray; without forgetting the always recurring and classic option of stainless steel. We are talking about a perfect combination of ergonomics and innovation to extract all the juice from the flavors that will be experienced at the table on these important dates.

Coffee and tea like you’ve never tasted before, from Villeroy & Boch

You will not leave your guests indifferent when you accompany the wafers and nougat with coffees and infusions. You will finish off the meal and start the after-dinner with thermal cups that will allow you to fully enjoy the flavor of the most varied infusions and types of coffees.

Leave everyone with their mouths open with the floral touch of Miranda Kerr

There is always a point of surprise that puzzles the guests and that at the same time makes the day unforgettable. The 3-tier stand – with a decided kitsch touch – for small-format cakes or sweets, will allow you to create a gastronomic Christmas tree to extend, if necessary, the entire evening between conversations, jokes, board games and memories.


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