Andorra is the country of the Pyrenees, where the snow shines at its best. In this oasis of exuberant nature lives one of its most representative symbols: the chamois. This animal, whose habitat is the high mountains, overcomes the steep slopes and terrain, thanks to its powerful legs and hard and resistant hooves.

We are dealing with an animal of great agility, provided with excellent sight, hearing and smell. The same sight, hearing and smell as Casa Canut, a store specialising in the world of decoration, accessories, gifts and tableware in Andorra, by incorporating the prestigious Andorran brand isR into its extensive catalogue.

isR’s Andorran chamois; 100% local product

The creation of the isR brand has been brewing slowly. The idea arose a decade ago, with the aim of materialising an attractive, viable, sustainable business model that is faithful to the spirit and freedom of nature in general and of the Pyrenees in particular.

Once all the pieces fit together, in a very organic and natural way, the isR chamois was born, the brand’s humble tribute to one of the symbols of the tricolor country. Its muscular figure, arranged with two small thin horns and a short tail, presides over all the works of the prestigious Andorran brand.

Carry the chamois in your pocket or personalise it

Decorate your bunch of keys with chamois head or full-length keyrings (in five assorted colours: black, white, cream, silver, and orange). You also have the option of customising a Pyrenean chamois with the XXL version, which is 50 centimeters high.

Whether you are in love with animal motifs -as in the case of the chamois– or if you opt for floral elements or with a more geometric or classic character, at Casa Canut we are specialists in the world of decoration, accessories, gifts and art of the table in Andorra. Visit our website and get the best out of your home.