The Andorran artist Ona Saumell revolutionizes art, not only with canvas and brushes, but also innovates with accessories that make it easy for art to accompany you wherever you go. The young painter finds her inspiration in women and the feminist movement, fighting for equality through art.

Ona Saumell projects feminism from praise, color, sensuality and beauty. Faces of women that represent the fight. Her first collection features 10 portraits of women from around the world that represent points that women have won since the beginning of the feminist struggle.

In addition, your project also has a solidarity aspect. Part of what she gets from his work goes to an NGO that aims to help women get out of sexual exploitation.

The creation does not stop and already has numerous collections that came after Women of the World such as Real Beauty, Sensuality and Out.

As a good artist, she transmits her values in the form of contrasting colors: the black of solemnity, drama, sophistication and security; the white of cleanliness, simplicity, innocence and honesty.

Ona’s restless soul does not let her stop and has driven her to make her art fly, also projecting it on mobile covers, sweatshirts and magazines.

At Casa Canut Botiga we are truly passionate about art and we want to support local artists. If you want to enjoy a unique Andorran artist like us, we are waiting for you at Casa Canut Botiga, deco-shop in Andorra, to surprise you with her works of art.