Summer is just around the corner and with it, the perfect time to enjoy our outdoor spaces. If you are lucky enough to have a terrace, it is time to prepare it to make it the perfect place to relax, eat outdoors and enjoy good times with friends and family.

At Casa Canut, we want to help you decorate your terrace so that this summer is
perfect. Here are some ideas and inspiration:

1. Define the style:
The first thing you should do is define the style you want to give to your terrace. Do you like bright and cheerful colors? Do you prefer a more minimalist environment and modern? Or looking for a rustic and cozy space? Once you have the style clear, you can choose the furniture and decoration that best suits it.

2. Choose the right furniture:
Furniture is the main element of any terrace. You must choose them taking into account the size of your terrace, the number of people who will use it and the use you are going to give it. At Casa Canut you will find a wide variety of furniture of different styles, materials and prices.

3. Create different zones:
If your terrace has enough space, you can create different areas for different activities. For example, you can create a dining area, another relaxation area with sofas and poufs…
4. Don’t forget about lighting:
Lighting is very important to create a pleasant atmosphere on your terrace. You can use a combination of different types of lights, such as floor lamps, lanterns, candles…

5. Decorate with plants and flowers:
Plants and flowers are the perfect complement to any terrace. In addition to providing a touch of color and freshness, they can also help you create a more private environment.

6. Add some accessories:
Accessories are the best way to give a personal touch to your terrace. You can add cushions, rugs, sculptures or any other decorative element that you like.

En Casa Canut encontrarás todo lo que necesitas para decorar tu terraza este verano. Te esperamos en nuestra tienda o en nuestra web para que puedas descubrir nuestra amplia gama de productos y muebles de terraza.