Knock knock! One of the most magical and endearing times of the year is knocking at your door. Christmas has arrived! Guests, gifts, party and gastronomy fill these days and, accompanied by our most loved ones, we sit around the table to celebrate.

I’m sure you’ve thought about the menu you’ll serve this Christmas, but do you already know how you’ll dress the table? The decoration is the first impact for your guests. Receiving them with a carefully prepared table will make all the difference.

5 tips to make your table look perfect

  1. The decoration and placement of the elements is important, but keep in mind that your guest must feel comfortable. Do not overfill the table.
  2. Before deciding which tablecloths and dishes you will use, decide which menu you will prepare. Crockery and textiles can highlight food and make it look even more delicious.
  3. White tablecloths enhance food and give a clean feeling, red or white ones with golden details are the pure essence of Christmas and black ones are suitable for the most luxurious and elegant dinners.
  4. Place the cutlery and plates following the following scheme that we have prepared to make the parties easier for you.

  1. Don’t forget the decorative details. Depending on the space of the table, you can put more colorful ones or just details: a table centrepiece, a path with eucalyptus branches… The imagination has no limits!

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