There are artists who with their daily work manage to go one step further and make a place for themselves in the hearts of decoration lovers. At Casa Canut Art Deco Shop in Andorra, you can already get one of the exclusive effigies from the Guillermo Forchino collection.

Guillermo Forchino, the art of comics embodied in 3D

The Argentine artist Guillermo Forchino (1952) has become known worldwide after a laborious process of experimentation and creativity -since the early 80s-, to end up recreating fun figures inspired by comic book characters.

Initially, he began creating models based on cloth-wrapped bands in which the head and hands were made of wax and papier-mâché coloured with natural pigments. Subsequently, the artist chose polyresins to create his figures.

We are talking about a very exclusive collection, since new creations only appear on the market twice a year. Guillermo Forchino’s artwork is reproduced in various sizes (original, 75 and 50%). Because some models have reached their maximum allotted number of duplications, they have become sought after collector’s items. But you can still buy the latest copies available in Casa Canut website or at its Art Deco Shop in Andorra.

Everyday scenes and professions as standard-bearers of the Guillermo Forchino collection

Within Guillermo Forchino collection, the professions (bartender, photographer, big boss, cook, businessman, cyclist, golfer, skier, doctor, dentist, judge, lawyer, pilot, wine taster and hiker) stand out, as well as versions of motorised scenes (“newlyweds”, “caddies”, “first love” or “rally car”). All wrapped in a magical and fun aura, teleporting you to the world of comic strips. And all of them available at Casa Canut Art Deco Shop in Andorra.