Casa Canut, a store specialised in the world of decoration, accessories, gifts and table art in Andorra, masterfully materialises the Disney universe through the original prism of the Brazilian artist Romero Britto.

The end result is high-quality figurines, brimming with joy and positivity. The fusion of cubism and pop art result in fun Disney figures with curious anatomical shapes and extremely bright and striking colours. 

The Little Mermaid, a tale with almost two centuries of history

This May the fourth adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story has hit theatres. In addition to a musical, the tale of the Danish poet and writer has been made into an anime and two Disney films (the first, in 1989).

Thanks to the incomparable style of Romero Britto, you will be able to fill your most special corners with light and colour with the figures of the most charismatic characters from The Little Mermaid: Ariel (the mermaid, protagonist of the story), Flounder (the common sole, faithful friend of Ariel, who accompanies her on all her adventures) and Sebastian (the crab, composer in the court of King Triton, whose objective is to watch over the monarch’s daughters).

15 new Disney figures by Roberto Britto await you in the Casa Canut catalogue

In addition to the three effigies of The Little Mermaid, you can also purchase the most representative characters from movies such as Beauty and the Beast (Big Ben, Lumière, Belle and the Beast), Pinocchio (the wooden puppet, Gepetto’s son) or Lilo & Stitch (the curious alien from the film, experiment 626). There are also representations of classic icons of this immense fiction factory such as Donald, Mickey or Minnie.

If you want to fill your home with joy, with Disney decorative figures in bright colours and lines reminiscent of the stained glass windows of the great cathedrals, don’t forget to browse Casa Canut online store. There you will find the iconic Disney characters identified with the unique patina of Romero Britto. When you see them, you will feel the magic of the fairy dust arch, which frames Cinderella’s castle, every time a Disney movie begins…