Wine or beer? If you are passionate about enjoying a glass of any of these famous drinks, we recommend you do it like a true expert. At Casa Canut, a store specialised in the world of decoration, accessories, gifts and table art in Andorra, we have two of the best brands in wine and beer glasses. The best design and ergonomics for you to enjoy the best celebrations and special moments.

Not only will enhance its flavour and particularities, you will also delight yourself with its attractive designs and surprise all your guests.

The origin of beer and wine, a tradition worth celebrating

Did you know that there are indications that establish the origin of beer in the Upper Paleolithic (around 10,000 B.C.) and clearer ones of wine making around 8,000 B.C., in the Neolithic period (thanks to grape fermentative remains found in deposits archaeological)? These are two drinks that have spread and become popular worldwide, since time immemorial.

In recent years, the glass where these two gastronomic products are enjoyed has acquired great importance, enhancing the organoleptic characteristics of wine and beer.

Elevate all the nuances of beer in a Ritzenhoff glass

The family business, after more than a century of history, ended up becoming one of the most renowned glass manufacturers in all of Germany. Its extraordinary products are the result of very precise manufacturing and finishing processes; “Made in Germany”.

The set of two glasses from the brand will elevate your beer to a sublime level. The high-quality, slimline Pilsner-style container is perfect for highly carbonated forms to maintain foam. Thanks to its narrow base shape and upper flare, the aromas and colour nuances of the brew are appreciated more richly. With the Ritzenhoff glasses, richly decorated with animal motifs, you will bring out the best in your sipping of beer.

Riedel, the revolutionary glass that enhances wine

Three centuries have served Riedel Crystal to develop glassware adapted to the variety of wine grapes. His great asset was detecting, when most brands only focused solely on design, that the aroma and flavour of a drink is clearly determined by the size and shape of the container in which it is consumed. Its revolutionary and groundbreaking designs will make your wine bring out its best personality.

Whether you are a lover of sparkling wines or the best proposals for the Pinot noir variety, used for red and rosé wines, your answer will always be Riedel. With its not excessively long chalice glasses and flared shape, your wines will shine like never before before your guests, pairing with exquisite homemade culinary proposals.

No matter what celebration you are going to organise or the special moment you want to highlight, at Casa Canut we will advise you, as specialists in the world of decoration, accessories, gifts and table art in Andorra, so that you get the best game when it comes to serving the best beers and wines to your diners.