The proximity of summer, the bright evenings and weekends full of sun and good weather, reveal our desire to go out, share and have fun. At Casa Canut, a store specialising in the world of decoration, accessories, gifts and table art in Andorra, we know it; so we offer you casual and original proposals for Lolita cups and glasses so that your most refreshing cocktails and drinks shine like the sun.

The best cocktails in the most original Lolita glasses

Whether you like floral motifs (cherry blossom, mum in bloom, organic), or if you want to celebrate a round birthday (happy 40th & 60th) or opt for more thug and transgressive motifs (sugar skulls), your cocktails always with a Lolita’s glass. In them you can house the mythical Dry Martini, Manhattan, Bloody Mary, Mojito or Margarita.

The world of gin tonic deserves a separate chapter, with a multiple offer of specific Lolita glasses (ladybug, butterfly, flowers, dragonfly and succulents) for this cocktail, mix of gin, tonic water and ice.

The most special toasts, with glasses of cava with innovative motifs

If you want to water a summer wedding with the best cava, the perfect option is the glass of hearts, very similar to a celebration full of love and emotion. On the other hand, for more recurring events (birthdays, a promotion, a meeting of friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time) nothing better than nature reasons (bugs and spring models).

But if cava-based cocktails are your thing, you may be inclined to create succulent Bellini or Mimosa.

Quench your thirst with Lolita glasses

At family gatherings where there are many children or for a meeting in the early afternoon, nothing better than enjoying an exquisite homemade lemonade together, finished off with Lolita glasses (hummingbird, jungle, butterfly, flamingo and bee).

If you want to leave your guests speechless when serving their favourite cocktails and soft drinks, surprise them with the unique and inimitable Lolita cups and glasses. Chin Chin!!!