• Shop Bag Loqi

Art and culture are transformed into Shop Bags with Loqi

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Are you looking for a comfortable Shop Bag, with a variety of sizes and incredible designs? Find it at Casa Canut, art-deco shop in Andorra. We have a wide variety of Loqi brand bags so you can find the one that best fits your style. This innovative brand features 300 of the world's greatest works [...]

  • Utensilios de té Wedgwood

Enjoy tea time with Wedgwood utensils

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Tea time is a special time that allows us to disconnect and relax. To turn this ritual into a truly elegant experience, Wedgwood tea utensils are the perfect choice. Find the new collections at Casa Canut Botiga, your art-deco shop in Andorra. Tradition and elegance Wedgwood tea utensils are known for their tradition and elegance. [...]

How to prepare the table correctly?

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Setting the table correctly generally refers to preparing and arranging the table for a meal. Here are some basic steps you can follow: Cleaning: Make sure the table is clean before you start placing utensils and dishes. Use a clean, damp cloth to clean the table surface. Placing the tablecloths: If you are using tablecloths, [...]

Find your Christmas gift at Casa Canut Botiga

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Still don't have all your Christmas gifts? Don't panic. Immerse yourself in the wonderful experience of gift-giving with Casa Canut Botiga, where the magic of the Christmas season comes to life through our exclusive designer products. Gifting goes beyond the simple act of exchanging gifts; It is an expression of love, friendship and gratitude. At [...]

  • Design umbrella Ezpeleta

Ezpeleta: Elegance under the rain

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Ezpeleta umbrellas are not just practical accessories to shield us from the rain; they are genuine fashion pieces that add a touch of elegance to any gray day. The brand, with roots dating back over 80 years, has perfected the blend of functionality and style in each of its designs. Ezpeleta offers a wide variety [...]

Get at Casa Canut the coveted comic figures of Guillermo Forchino

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There are artists who with their daily work manage to go one step further and make a place for themselves in the hearts of decoration lovers. At Casa Canut Art Deco Shop in Andorra, you can already get one of the exclusive effigies from the Guillermo Forchino collection. Guillermo Forchino, the art of comics embodied [...]

Prepare Christmas with Villeroy & Boch tableware

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Christmas is coming, and with it comes laughter, bright lights, and of course, delicious food shared with family and friends. There is nothing like gathering around a well-decorated table to celebrate these festivities. If you want your Christmas dinner to be unforgettable, look no further than Villeroy & Boch tableware. With its unmatched elegance and [...]

Goat cheese and fig quiche

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If you like figs, you will love this recipe prepared with a Norbert Woll @woll_cookware_official frying pan that you can find at Casa Canut, your art-deco shop in Andorra. Ver esta publicación en Instagram   Una publicación compartida de Casa Canut • Art Deco Shop (@casacanutbotiga) Ingredients: 1 quiche dough 1 goat cheese roll 8 [...]

Casa Canut presents original decorative pieces of balloon dogs from the Juliani Mo collection

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The dog is the companion animal par excellence, whose connection with people has always enjoyed a very special and close status. Their loyalty, unconditional love and detection of their owners' moods have helped to forge a relationship that dates back some 15,000 years in Southeast Asia. At Casa Canut Art Deco Shop in Andorra, we [...]

The Swarovski Crystal shines like never before at Casa Canut

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At Casa Canut Art Deco Shop we offer you a host of exclusive brands of the highest order, so that you can find everything you need in the world of decoration, accessories, gifts and table art. That is why you could not miss the brand par excellence of luxury products based on cut crystal, Swarovski [...]