Casa Canut presents you the perfect gadgets for kitchen lovers

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With the arrival of summer, the season of end-of-year meetings begins, casual encounters with friends, celebrations marked in highlighter and red such as the festival of San Juan and its unforgettable festivals. If you are one of those who love to wear an apron and delight diners, at Casa Canut (a shop specializing in the [...]

  • deco trends 2023

2023 Deco-trends

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Although we have not even consumed half of the calendar yet, the trends in the world of decoration for 2023 have already been presented. Among all of them, 5 stand out that can be expressed, giving a touch of color and distinction to your home, thanks to Casa Canut, a shop specializing in the world [...]

  • industrial decoration

Industrial style lamps in Casa Canut

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The industrial style is fashionable and seems innovative, but did you know that it has more than 60 years of history? It is a timeless type of decoration that appeared in the mid-20th century in loft-type homes in New York. These spaces were abandoned factories or warehouses and transformed into homes to live in. The [...]

5 details to give and celebrate spring

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Spring is an optimistic and happy time, full of social events where we meet with family and friends. Do you want to make a surprise with an original gift? At Casa Canut, deco-shop in Andorra, we believe that no excuses are needed to give a detail to those we love. We inspire you with five [...]

  • disney romero britto

The Disney univers arrives at Casa Canut

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There are very few brands that have the ability to position themselves in the minds of consumers during generations, unmoved by the passage of time. The refreshing Coca-cola, the eternal Nivea, the never-ending BIC pen and the magic of Disney are clear references. In the case of the American dream factory, an infinite galaxy of [...]

7 advantages of Cristel cookware

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Cooking is an art and, to enjoy the most, you need the best cookware and materials. Cristel offers you professional quality kitchen utensils. It’s the leading French manufacturer of cookware with removable handles and has a range of utensils made of stainless steel and guaranteed for life. At Casa Canut Botiga, Av. Carlemany 107 or [...]

  • tiramisu de te verd

Tiramisu with green tea and raspberries by Émile Henry

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At Casa Canut we have a sweet tooth and tiramisu is one of our favorite desserts. Today we share a recipe from one of our brands: Émile Henry. Émile Henry is a French company that has been manufacturing high-quality ceramic kitchen utensils since 1850. It has a great international reputation and products of great utility [...]

  • bull&stein Bruno Jorge Monteiro

Bruno Jorge Monteiro, collaborating artist of Bull&Stein

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Bruno Jorge Monteiro is a graffiti artist. He started his adventure in this artistic style in 2005 and is now in the news for collaborating with the Bull&Stein brand. When he paints, he wants to transmit an art without limits, to express freedom and a world of colors. His art is influenced by graffiti, tattoos [...]

5 art and design items to give these holidays

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Special dates are approaching, to share, to give away and to surprise. Still don't have all the gifts? We make it easy for you and give you 5 gift ideas that you can find at Casa Canut, an art and decoration store in Andorra. Baci Milano Mikados Entering the home and surrounding yourself with a [...]

Be the best host during the Christmas holidays

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The preparation of the table has a sophisticated protocol behind it, but the personal touch of each host is what ends up making the difference between the diners of the most important and lavish meals of the year. At Casa Canut, we are aware that setting the table is an art, where high-quality products and [...]