• bull&stein Bruno Jorge Monteiro

Bruno Jorge Monteiro, collaborating artist of Bull&Stein

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Bruno Jorge Monteiro is a graffiti artist. He started his adventure in this artistic style in 2005 and is now in the news for collaborating with the Bull&Stein brand. When he paints, he wants to transmit an art without limits, to express freedom and a world of colors. His art is influenced by graffiti, tattoos [...]

5 art and design items to give these holidays

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Special dates are approaching, to share, to give away and to surprise. Still don't have all the gifts? We make it easy for you and give you 5 gift ideas that you can find at Casa Canut, an art and decoration store in Andorra. Baci Milano Mikados Entering the home and surrounding yourself with a [...]

Be the best host during the Christmas holidays

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The preparation of the table has a sophisticated protocol behind it, but the personal touch of each host is what ends up making the difference between the diners of the most important and lavish meals of the year. At Casa Canut, we are aware that setting the table is an art, where high-quality products and [...]

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Recipe: Authentic Parisian Baguettes with Emile Henry’s Baguette Baker

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Do you like to bake bread at home? With Emile Henry's Baguette Baker mold you will like it even more. It allows you to make 3 authentic and crispy homemade French style baguettes. You dare? We serve you the recipe! If you still don't have your Baguette Baker, get it in our online store: casacanutbotiga.com [...]

  • home decoration walls

What type of painting fits your space?

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The pictures are an indisputable element in the decoration of the walls of our house. At Casa Canut Botiga we have a wide variety of paintings of all styles so that you can find the ideal one for your space. Do you want to add pictures to your walls but don't know where to start? [...]

Fill your summer with music with designer speakers

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Afternoons at the pool, days with friends at the beach, picnics in the mountains ... it sounds better with music, right? Summer is more enjoyable if we accompany it with rhythm. At Casa Canut Botiga we are very aware of this and we offer you design items that enhance your experiences. This is the case [...]

  • recorate outdoor table

5 styles to decorate the terrace table

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How eager to invite friends and enjoy a good evening on the terrace or in the garden at home! You deserve to sit outside, surrounded by good company and savor a good feast. Decoration is essential to create an exquisite atmosphere. At Casa Canut Botiga we have everything to make your table look perfect. What [...]

  • art and design decoration

Personality to the spaces in your home with art and design!

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Feeling good at home is not just a matter of comfort. The decoration, the colors and the lighting also contribute to our greater well-being in our home. Art and design, in their different forms, give us positive emotions and feelings that make us feel good when we walk through the front door. In addition, they [...]

  • clocks home decoration

Top idea: decorate with clocks

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The wall of a home is like a blank canvas. Arouse your creativity and decorate with clocks giving it a unique personality. At Casa Canut, decoration store in Andorra , we offer you watches of different styles so that you can add a unique and practical touch to your home. Can we give you some [...]