This is the healthy infusion that replaces coffee

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And, for many of us, a good morning coffee is the key to starting the day with energy. However, coffee, despite its benefits, is also high in caffeine, which can be harmful to health, especially if consumed in excess. The solution? Chicory. This herbaceous plant, with [...]

The cheerful figures of Toms Drag!

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If you are looking for pieces full of color and humor to give a touch of joy to your home, don't miss the creations of the German brand Toms Drag! Toms Drag offers us a wide variety of animal figures, vases, mirrors, trays, furniture and even humanoid figures of different trades and costumes. We love [...]


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Are you looking to give a touch of joy and originality to your home? Then look no further! At Casa Canut, we present Que Rico, a decoration line that will help you create spaces full of life and personality. Que Rico is a collection of unique and colorful decorative objects that will inspire you to [...]

Prepare your terrace for summer!

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Summer is just around the corner and with it, the perfect time to enjoy our outdoor spaces. If you are lucky enough to have a terrace, it is time to prepare it to make it the perfect place to relax, eat outdoors and enjoy good times with friends and family. At Casa Canut, we want [...]

Recipe for Canned Mountain Rice

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Learn the delicious recipe for canned mountain rice from the Torres brothers. You will only need a few kitchen utensils, such as knives, pots... We invite you to come to Casa Canut to discover our variety of products. With brands like; Cristel, Norbert Woll, Le Creusset… INGREDIENTS: - 120 g senia rice - 450 g [...]

Tomato, pesto and burrata salad: A delicious delicacy

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Do you want to discover how to make the best tomato, pesto and burrata salad? At Casa Canut we like to take care of you, that's why we are going to provide you with one of our favorite recipes, as well as ideas to serve it in an original and beautiful way. Ingredients: - Tomatoes [...]

Que Rico, a brand with its own style

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Que Rico is a Belgian decoration brand that has conquered much of the world. With a wide variety of products: candelabras, vases, plates... It has managed to create a style that combines modern with classic. Perfect for those looking to add a special touch to their home. Que Rico is characterized by combining elements from [...]

  • Baci Milano Sagrada Familia

Baci Milano surprises with a collection of fragrances inspired by the Sagrada Família

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Whimsical details, captivating colors, elegance and originality are the features that mark this collection of fragrances, and other decoration elements, inspired by the iconic Sagrada Família. The renowned Italian decoration brand Baci Milano dedicates this exuberant and iconic collection to freedom of thought and expression. A lively celebration of the ability to open up and [...]

  • Le Creuset

Cook with Le Creuset: Leek Tatin with Honey and Parmesan

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Le Creuset saucepans represent the culmination of centuries of experience in cast iron craftsmanship combined with exquisite design and exceptional functionality. With a history dating back to 1925, these iconic saucepans have captured the hearts of amateur cooks and professional chefs around the world. Crafted with precision and care, Le Creuset cast iron cookware is [...]

  • Vista Alegre Pasqua

Receive Easter with the colorful dinnerware from Vista Alegre

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Easter is approaching, a holiday that brings with it the explosion of spring colors, good weather, and an aura of positivity that infects everyone. It's a perfect time to gather with family and friends, celebrate the arrival of spring and renew your spirit. And what better way to do it than by preparing a festive [...]