The dog is the companion animal par excellence, whose connection with people has always enjoyed a very special and close status. Their loyalty, unconditional love and detection of their owners’ moods have helped to forge a relationship that dates back some 15,000 years in Southeast Asia.

At Casa Canut Art Deco Shop in Andorra, we are aware of the magnetism generated by an artist twisting an elongated balloon to end up turning it into a fun dog based on a combination of latex and air; man’s Best Friend. That is why we present you the innovative and fun Juliani Mo collection.

Juliani Mo, a collection that expresses the infinite imagination and illusion of children

With Juliani Mo, a typical activity of fairs and popular festivals has been materialised into a very attractive piece of decoration. Apart from a complete range of balloon dogs in different colours (bright yellow, black, green, electric and metallic blue, pink, orange, pop art and multicolor models…), the collection delves into the silent model (based on mime and Venetian carnival masks) and in the reproduction of figures of bulls, bulldogs, dancers and even the mythical Floquet de Neu.

Thanks to this very special relationship with humans, dogs have been part of the art world since inmemorial ages. Its presence is highlighted both in cave paintings, murals of the god Anubis accompanying hieroglyphics, representations of battles in the Middle East, mosaics in Ancient Rome, oil paintings (the Mastiff of Las Meninas is an outstanding example) or portraits such as the one made by Andy Warhol.

Juliani Mo, since 1978, designs and manufactures, by hand, decorative items based on exclusive and limited series. Its pieces are based on materials as diverse as fiberglass, resin, wood, brass, metal, sheets of gold, silver and copper.

Enjoy the complete and fun Juliani Mo collection at Casa Canut website or in its Art Deco Shop in Andorra. The imagination and fun of a balloon at the service of art…